Eastern Europe Sanctions

GH Party LLC has been carefully monitoring the events in Eastern Europe and are keeping our community members and their safety in our thoughts. We are committed to updating the community as the situation evolves. If you have been impacted by sanctions applied through an Executive Order, please contact us.

Dear Gloryhole Party Members,

As the world’s work marketplace, GHPs mission is to create safe, fun, sexy opportunities so people have better lives. In our more than 6 years of doing business, we have worked hard to bring our marketplace to more people, with the belief that when people can explore and express themselves, they can reach their full potential.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has challenged our mission, values, and our operational ability to bring safe fun to those who seek it. GHP has begun suspending any and all operations in Russia and Belarus and will take full effect immediately.

The first step will be shutting down GHP’s support for any business generation in Russia and Belarus. Over the next few days, freelancers and clients in Russia and Belarus will no longer be able to sign up for new accounts, initiate new contracts, and be visible in search.

This has caused a slight and temporary delay in the new members sign-up as we are switching sign up platforms.

We honor the relationships that exist between our customers and recognize the swift adjustments that they will need to make as they process this announcement. As such, existing contracts with talent and clients in the region will remain open, with final billing due by April 1, 2022.

We made this decision with the utmost consideration. From the beginning of the war, GHP has been fervently working to support the safety, security, and well-being of our many team members in the region, as well as the business needs of our customers. We fully understand the significant impact this decision has on our GHP community in Russia and Belarus, and we want these customers to know that if they can relocate to regions where we operate, we will be eager to support them in continuing their work on our platform. Additionally, should the geopolitical situation in Russia and Belarus change, we hope to be able to resume operations.

We are heartbroken and horrified by the invasion of Ukraine. Our hearts and support go out to all those affected by this senseless aggression against Ukraine. We hope that a path to peace is ahead for Ukraine, and that we can bring our mission back to Russia and Belarus in the future.




C & J

President & CEO

GH Party LLC

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