Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a lifestyle event with other sexy like-minded people we are not offering sexual services or agreeing to provide those services. This is not prostitution nor is sex promised or arranged. Lifestyle means a party with fun people who like to have sex. We find/rent the house(s) for the party, set up the house(s) so that it is luxurious and clean, along with providing food. So sexy lifestyle members can simply enjoy a party where they can be together and have fun. There is nothing illegal about participating in, or attending events focusing on the swinger lifestyle,


What are the parties like?

The parties are held at a few homes that we use. There is normally a sexy theme, BYOB, couples and single females arrive first and everyone can explore the house to get to know each other. The house is a relaxed setting with multiple levels and rooms. With the music going the single men invited are allowed to come an hour after the couples and singles. This allows time for girls to meet others and get comfortable behind the wall or in a room in the house. Once the action starts is so easy to move around the house and watch, join in or just continue to socialize. Everyone is very respectful and polite and there is never any pressure. We hope you come out and see this for yourself.


How do I get invited

With increased following now you’ll have to become a member to gain access to the parties. Just join the membership site, complete the “Party Application” at the bottom of our website under LEGAL. Be prepared to send a photo of yourself as the Gloryhole Girls have to vote in the 30 guys for each party. We will then send you an ACCESS CODE to secure your access to the party. These parties are lifestyle parties and not in any way prostitution.

However, we do review each account personally so please give us 15 min to get the request and review it after you purchase with a Credit Card.


Are videos taken at the party

GHParty LLC does record some party activity for promotional proposes only after advising members. Video is taken of person(s) who wants to be filmed in the Gloryhole area only. It will be announced so that any member who wants to move from the area can. Normal video captures male genitalia and a member engaged with it at the Gloryhole. This is the only isolated filming area. There are no cameras anywhere else in the party and we are discreet and respectful.

How do I see the party videos

GloryholeParty has a large following now so you’ll have to become a Silver member to gain access to all the premium content. Just upgrade your membership and immediately our staff will get you access to all the hot videos.

However, we do review each account personally so please give us 15 min to get the request and review it after you purchase with a Credit Card.

Our new processor will be

Is it really anonymous?

Swinger Parties have gained a massive amount of popularity in recent times but many people still don’t know what they are. They’ve heard of it, but think it’s some sort of weird fetish. Well, if you don’t know, here’s the rundown:


Party Etiquette

Couples Parties

The process is very simple but there are still a few things you need to know. Be polite and professional. People do not like pushy people.

Gloryhole House Parties

Couples and Single Girls always arrive an hour early so that everyone can get to know each other and anyone who wants to remain anonymous can get set up and do so. Men will be shuttled in from the designated pick up location. Men are expected to be professional, sharp, well groomed, good hygiene and polite. Couples and woman are allowed on the female side of the Gloryholes for play and observation. Single men wait for the hole to light up indicating that a female is on the other side and want to perform. Men must press the button on the wall indicating that you are going to orgasm. This will advise the woman on the other side. Some woman like to perform oral and sex through the holes so be prepared with condoms.

Are Gloryholes real?

The short answer is yes. They do exist, but their locations are usually secrets that people-in-the-know aren’t willing to share. Our gloryhole locations are indeed, real. We want to keep them clean and fun for everyone that is why we now hold them at private homes. This also keeps it kinky but aids in keeping the parties safe and clean..

Public Gloryholes

Finding good Gloryhole locations can be tough so when we establish one we like to keep it quiet to avoid drawing unwanted attention to the location.

Most are at Adult Book Stores

When you enter the video booth areas of an Adult Book Store, you will see one or more rows of doors that lead into the video booths. There are normally several ways of determining if a booth is occupied. The most common is “red” and “green” lights located near each door. Once money is inserted into the video machine, the light turns from red (vacant) to green (occupied). Certain locations offer unlimited videos for one payment instead of having to pay per minute so ask about this option. Some places also have peep-holes and half-doors but these are mainly used by the employees to determine if more than one person is in a booth at a time which is usually against their policies.

Once you find a vacant booth, enter it and put money or tokens into the video machine. This is how the store makes their money and the employees check them on a regular basis. You will see channel select and volume control features on the front of the video machine. If you are there to get your cock sucked then just put your finger through the hole and rub it along the bottom. This is the common signal letting the person on the other side know you are ready to receive. If you are there to suck cocks then just wait for the same signal. It can be tough to read body language through the wall so the common courtesy to notify the “receiver” of ejaculation is a few light taps on the wall.

Some locations have rows of booths which allows each booth to have a hole on both sides. This enhances the experience because the person waiting can watch while anticipation builds.

We have also decided to take this kink to house parties where new people can feel it out and be in a safe clean environment for their fun.

The Gloryhole Experience

Like you, We love Gloryhole videos and get off on taking hot girls to, parties, or public places so we can see them sucking and fucking random guys. Some girls have heard of Gloryholes before but most haven’t so our favorite part is when we take a new girl there for the first time and she see’s the first cock poke through the hole. I also like how they get a look of accomplishment when they make that first cock shoot its load and they swallow every last drop or cum. It is a sexy kinky thing that we are now making fun and safe by holding house parties for our friends.

Why the Gloryhole Party?

This is the most relaxed, discreet, and safe way to experience this desire. This allows you to meet and experience real people having real fun in a safe controlled environment.

This is the thing you need to realize and reconcile is that all you really need is a drama free situation. The GH Party is where a dick can appear right in front of your face, a big throbbing, cum filled, eager and hard dick ready to spew, where all you have to do is some teasing and sucking, however much you want, in order to set it off and have it explode for your willing tongue.

Now you can come to our parties and experience real people who want real fun.

Can you tell me where to find a Gloryhole Party?

Yes, we hold parties and will invite members who have proven themselves worthy of join in the fun. The locations are discreet and private so only members who are given a access get the information to the parties.

Who is processing my Credit Card?

We are switching over to

This is who we use for Premium Video content on the PARTY VIDEO page.

What are the complants?

We find that some woman are nervous during their first experience to start and when men hold back from cuming it makes the experience worse. Men do not hold back. We invite and continue to invite only guys that perform. Men do not hold back from cuming in attempts to be involved in the Gangbangs that occur after the Gloryhole fun. Men that are identified as doing so will not be invited back. We are here to please the woman and they want to make you cum.

How do single men get invited?

We invite all kinds of fun people but there is a large group of men who want to join in the parties. So we require that the single men complete the identification forms first and submit photos of themselves. This will allow for you to be accountable of your actions as we only need and want fun drama free people to meet and hang with us.

To get a invite you must email us

A reminder that do to the demand party access fills up fast. Members do not wait until the day of the party to try to get access as there will be no room and we will be busy setting up the party house.

PLEASE NOTE: Forfeiture of event membership, rejection to/ejection from our events and/or deletion from Event Attendee List may occur if:

There is evidence that member misrepresented themselves in photos/info submitted for clearance in to GH Parties/membership.

Member shared confidential event website registration access codes, location or any relevant confidential information.

Member continually violates our etiquette/event rules.

We feel that member exudes rude, disrespectful or harassing behavior to our guests, staff members or event partners, either in person, via phone or email.

Member has a chargeback/payment dispute claim on file.

We hope this helps everyone and clears up any misunderstanding.