Everyone says that security and privacy is very important to them, including us. But saying it is very different then doing something about it.

Today we are launching a new program that offers a bounty to anyone who ethically submits any security vulnerability to GloryholeParty! We are going to manage this program through HackerOne which is a vulnerability management and bug bounty program used by sites like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and Airbnb.

Our rewards start off at:

$25.00+ USD for minor issues

$75.00+ USD for major vulnerabilities

$150.00+ USD for bugs allowing access to private member info

To be eligible for a bounty, you must:

Be the first person to report the issue to us

Communicate with our team exclusively via HackerOne

Not interact with other accounts without the consent of the member

We’d like those looking for security vulnerabilities to refrain from:

Denial of service


Social engineering (including phishing) of GloryholeParty (GH Party, LLC) staff or contractors

Any physical attempts against GloryholeParty (GH Party, LLC) property or data

Currently our profile on HackerOne is not publicly visible but if you’ve found a potential vulnerability, or are a qualified ethical hacker that would like to help protect our community, please email me directly at In the email please tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience and I will invite you to view and submit reports through our HackerOne profile.

Eventually, we plan to open up our profile on HackerOne to be publicly visible so anyone can submit reports without having to be invited to the system first. When we do that, we will make an official announcement again here.

Note: Since this is a new program, we will be inviting people in phases, so please be patient as we ramp up!

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